We are very proud of the fact that Hotel Charles has received several different awards based on the satisfaction level of its guests. This means that we have managed to meet one of our main objectives: our goal is to serve our guests in the best possible way, paying attention to their every need. For years we have been on the list of recommended hotels on the famous Tripadvisor, the biggest independent international travel review website, as an outstanding accommodation based on guest reviews. Our hotel has also received the Travellers’ Choice award in the ”Bargain” category according to, for being the best price-value ratio hotel in Budapest.

Our hotel continuously gets rewards from one of our biggest online partners,

The well-known local online booking agency Szállásvadász gave us their ”Excellent accommodation” award for two years in a row, in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, based on the opinion of their guests.

Hotel Charles has been voted by's users as Top Clean 2013, which means that our guests appreciate the cleanliness of the hotel. We are proud of this award, because the comfort of our guests is the most important for us.

Hotel Charles

The most popular American travel guide about Eastern Europe, the Frommer’s Guide, has been recommending our hotel in every single issue since 1993.