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The dome is 96 meter high, offering visitors wonderful view of the city

Budapest Saint Stephen’s Basilica

Address: 5th district, Szent István tér


The largest church building of the capital was built over six decades. In close victinity of the river Danube, massive foundation and three underground levels had to be built first. Right at the start, the Hungarian War of Independence broke out, followed by the immediate death of the two main architects. Constructions begun in neo-Classic style, but plans were later modified by Miklós Ibl, according to architectural models from the Italian Renaissance. Today's appearance reflects two architectural époques: Classicism and Eclecticism. The church seats 8,500 persons, Special works of art present the life of King St. Stephen, founder of the Hungarian State and the Christian Church in Hungary. His mummified right hand is exhibited inside, and his statue of Carrara marble by Alajos Stróbl stands in the Sanctuary. In a side aisle, a large painting by Gyula Benczúr depicts St. Stephen, as he offers up of his crown to the patronage of Virgin Mary. Its dome is 96 meter high, offering visitors wonderful view of the city. An elevator, and then a spiral staircase takes up to a unique 360-degree circular lookout.

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