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The building is one of the finest pieces of Romantic architecture in Europe

Budapest Concert Hall on the Pest Danube-bank

Address: 5th district, Vigadó utca 5

How to get there: Metro M1 to Vörösmarty tér


During the early 19th century, another Concert Hall stood on this site, the first and very significant work of Mihály Pollack, the same architect, who designed the Hungarian National Museum. During the 1848-49 War of Independence, the first Chamber of Deputies sat in this building. Consequently, General Hentzl, commander of the Austrian troops in Buda, destroyed this beautiful palace at the end of the Revolution by fire. In its place, Frigyes Feszl designed a Romantic style building, built between 1859 and 1864. This was also badly damaged during the Second World War. Reconstruction followed, but took some thirty-six years to complete. Nevertheless, it remained faithful to the original design, reviving one of the finest pieces of Romantic architecture in Europe. The building, housing Budapest's second largest concert hall, continues to attract leading conductors and performers from around the world.

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