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The museum is situated in a former municipal army barrack

Budapest Military History Museum

Address: 1st district, Tóth Árpád sétány 40

How to get there: Várbusz from Moszkva tér

Open: 10am-5pm Tue-Sat, 10am-6pm Sun


The museum opened to the public in 1937, and was restored after the 2nd World War. It is situated in a former municipal army barrack, and has a sprawling collection of several hundred thousand items, from weapons and uniforms to coins, flags and artwork. The permanent collections follow the flow of history in terms of conflict and war, such as the Turkish invasion, the 1848 revolution and War of Independence, both World Wars and the 1956 uprising.


The corridors on the ground floor are lined with shells of different caliber and size, while images of engineers build pontoon bridges in the air, soldiers haul gun carriages, and weary infantrymen are seen in the trenches, staring out at the visitor.


When proceeding up the staircase, two lovely stain glass windows ornament the wall, one featuring Buda in 1493, and the other depicting the siege of Budavár in 1849. On the upper floor, the exhibit continues with the military history of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, displaying uniforms worn by the Hungarian Hussar regiment.


Further into the room, large display cases feature models and battle scenes from World War II, and there is a Huey helicopter to see, followed by displays devoted to the tragic events of the short lived revolution of 1956.

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