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The building serves as the capital’s Central Abulance Station

Budapest Géza Kresz Ambulance Museum

Address: 5th district, Markó u. 22

How to get there: Metro M3 to Nyugati or to Arany János u., Tram 2, Bus 15

Open: Tue-Sun, 8.00-14.00


Dr. Géza Kresz founded the Voluntary First-Aid Association in Budapest, and gave a structure of organization for life saving in Hungary. He founded this museum in 1892. The building was built between 1889 and 1991, and serves as the capital’s Central Abulance Station. The museum is located on the first floor; its halls are named after prominent figures of life saving in Hungary. The theme of the exhibition is this: “Accident may befall each one of us, provide unconditional help!”

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