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A number of interactive devices spot the exhibition, fun for school-aged children and curious adults

Budapest Hungarian Natural History Museum

Address: 8th district, Ludovika tér 2

How to get there: Metro M3 to Klinikák or to Nagyvarád tér

Open: 10am-5pm, Jan 1-Mar 31 and Oct 1-Dec 31, 10am-6pm Apr1-Sep30, closed on Tuesdays


The group of neo-Classical buildings originally served as a military academy. Mineral and rock exhibits have been housed here since 1995, while the major permanent exhibition "Man and Nature in Hungary" was opened in 1996.


This exhibition takes visitors on a historic journey from the time the man of the Carpathian Basin lived in close contact with nature, to the time when our sole environment is civilized society. As Natural history museums do worldwide, this exhibition also calls attention to the changes in human environment, and offers suggestions on how to avoid potential problems, caused by carelessness and over-exploitation. The exhibition aims to educate on ways to restore the "lost harmony with nature". A number of interactive devices, fun for school-aged children and curious adults, are used in the process.


The garden, surrounding the entrance, includes huge stones, "the rocks of Hungary", presenting all there is of the kind in this territory.


Permanent exhibitions include:

Never wilting flower garden

In a Faraway Land

The storyteller's present

The beloved spheres - Nature's treasures in the Carpathian Basin

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