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Permanent exhibitions include the House of Future Exhibition and the Palace of Miracles

Budapest House of Future Center for Culture and Science

The House of Future Center for Culture and Science is located in central Buda, a short distance from Moszkva tér. It includes a park area with several buildings, giving place to exhibitions, performances, museums and gallery spaces. The area is a restored site of the former Ganz Electric Works; the cultural center reconfigured the historic factory buildings with an architectural design, which merited the European Nostra Award in 2004. Permanent exhibitions include the House of Future Exhibition and the Palace of Miracles.


The House of Future exhibition is divided into sections. The T-house section displays an imaginative picture on how an average family in the future will use top quality telecommunication services available today. The Expedition to Mars section projects the possibility of sending astronauts to the surface of Mars as early as the first half of the 21st century. After this date, interplanetary journeys may become commonplace. This section is complemented by another, titled Base on Mars, which details the knowledge we have inquired about the environmental conditions of the Red Planet - which knowledge is very likely to expand in the near future. The Microsoft Home of Future section displays new technoligical developments by Microsoft, and places them in an everyday environment, projecting potential application in future homes.


The Café Future has two divisions; the entrance staircase walls are decorated with the surface of planets, abounding in craters, while huge photos and graphical pictures of planets make up the rest of the decoration.


The Digital Library welcomes the researchers, providing free access to the National Digital Data Archives and the National Audiovisual Archives for browsing and searching.


The Designing Life - Genetic Drawing Board section provides a glimpse into the genetic-genomic revolution of the recent years, and projects its medical potentials. The material presents the current tendencies, the present situation, and basic information on the subject. The Images of the Heart section is established by The British Council, the cultural institute of Great Britain, and merges science and the arts with a novel approach. The exhibition is large scale, very impressive. The Pathway through the Mind section aims to help visitors get to know themselves better. Accurate self-research tests are concluded by social software, based on the recent findings of social sciences. Other fun objects: A Hostess robot, capable of full-scale interactive communication, amuses the visitors. A flight stimulator, a Boeing 737!


The Computer Minds, Digitally Yours section explains in detail the background of how computers work. Although informatics has become an indispensable tool, even in our homes, many of us do not know much about the background this section sets forth. The Space Research in Everyday Life section presents the thesis that today's life has become unimaginable without the application of achievements in space technology, so this area is becoming increasingly important in our everyday activities. The Utopias section presents images on how mankind of the past pictured the future. It also considers the extent to which these visions proved to be relevant.


In addition to these sections, an Astronomical Observatory is installed in the park. It is small in size, but effective enough to observe the stars in details on clear evening hours.


The Palace of Miracles hosts an interactive exhibition, which children and adults with an exploring mind can especially enjoy. The park has a nice playground, fun for younger visitors.

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