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A goldmine for researchers, and an interesting place for visitors

Budapest Geological Museum of Hungary

Address: 14th district, Stefánia út 14.

How to get there: Bus 7, Tram 75

Open: 10:00-16:00, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays


The history of the museum started with the foundation of the collection in 1868. A year later, the Hungarian Geological Institution was established. The building today houses both the institution and the museum; exhibitions are located in the main hall and on the corridors. Today, the museum includes about 150,000 inventorized, and half a million recorded minerals and fossils. The collection is divided into 28 thematical sections. The museum aims to document the geological structure of the country. In addition, it preserves objects and relics, in connection to the history of science. All in all, it is a goldmine for researchers, and an interesting place for visitors.

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