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The present exhibit also displays late 19th-century horse drawn engines

Budapest Fire Brigade Museum

Address: 10th district, Martinovics Ignácz tér 12

How to get there: Bus 9, 32, 62, Tram 13, 28

Open: 9am-4pm Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm Sat (closed on Mondays)


An operating fire station, way out in the 10th district, hosts the museum, which charts the history of fire-fighting in Budapest, displaying objects from ancient equipment found in the Roman settlement of Aquincum, to the most modern of fire engines. The museum was established in 1955, recollecting and organizing items from earlier private exhibitions. The Volunteer Fire Brigade Corporation of Budapest, created the earliest of these at the end of 1900, the example of which was followed by the fire departments of several other towns. The present exhibit also displays late 19th-century horse drawn engines, along with the first motorized firefighting vehicle, once brought from England.


Permanent exhibitions include:

The development of fire protection 

Fireworks medal and badge collection 

The development of fireworks hat 

The history of fire extinguishing by the use of water 

The only Roman water organ of the world 

The breathing appliance is a Hungarian discovery 


Programs include:

Activity for children in primary school

Children's activity

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